The Streets of San Francisco

On occasion I get to travel with my wife's work.  Recently she had a consulting job in San Francisco so I tagged along for the fun of it.  My wife and I met in San Francisco 25 years ago so whenever we have the chance to visit, reminisce, and try new restaurants we jump at the chance.

Our first night we had dinner at one of our old favorites: The House of Nanking.  Walking back I got some high ISO shots of Mr. Bing's and Chinatown.

I love the way the TransAmerica seems to lean into Mr. Bings.  Shot with the fantastic Fuji 14mm prime.  It's great lens for walking around any city.

I am always amazed at the quality of the FujiFilm X-E2 images even at high ISO settings.  Here is another image taken with the 14mm prime with an ISO set at 1600.  I generally use the Velvia film simulation mode.   

While she was working, I took the opportunity to explore on foot, camera in hand.  I ventured from our financial district hotel through Chinatown, to North Beach then down to the piers.  Here are some of the images I captured along the way (Click through the below images):

The colors of San Francisco are simply remarkable.  And the FujiFilm Cameras really let colors shine with the Velvia film simulation mode.  

Befor meeting a long time friend for a drink I shot this:

I shot this with my rarely used 60mm prime.  I chose this lens in order to compress the view as much as possible.  I wanted the distant tower of the Bay Bridge to be more pronounced than it is.  However, I still believe the photo works because of the red light reflecting off of the cable car tracks.